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2k17 interhackerspaces xmas swap

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Activiteit: The great 2017 Inter Hackerspaces xmas goodies swap
Datum 18 december 2017
Einddatum 31 december 2017
Contactpersoon failbaitr
Locatie Null Island
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Last years batch of packages.

The great 2017 Inter Hackerspaces xmas goodies swap

Last two years Frack organized the Inter Hackerspaces xmas goodies swap, we had a blast!, about 15 hackerspaces signed up and send each other awesome boxes full of surplus little bits 'n pieces, personal projects, signed photos of their spaces. Make Magazine also pitched in an send us a copy of their paper magazine to distribute to everyone. Almost as soon as the first boxes started arriving, we saw the first Unboxing video's and pictures being posted, most spaces even made an unboxing event for the goodies they received. Given last years success we'd love to grow the pool of participating hackerspaces to include more spaces abroad too.

The idea:

As most hackerspaces have lots and lots of shiny little toys, tools and useful bits lying around, but usually there's more than one of each, where a single project might use just a single item. We thought it would be great idea to send gift boxes to other spaces sharing our love for hacking with them. Possibly inspiring them with project we have lost interest in, or stuff we simply don't know how to use effectively.

Lets share, lets make new friends and lets make this a tradition that delivers enthusiasm to all spaces around the globe like a tree with presents underneath it used to do all those years ago.

What could be put in a box

Monetary value isn't what we are looking for, its about sharing options, about sharing your space's projects or possible just inspiring other spaces to do something awesome with stuff you have a plenty but just can't figure out.

So, stuff like:

  • PCB's of custom projects
  • An usb-stick with pictures / details, sources from your space, maybe a little puzzle?
  • Little odd pieces of electronics that inspire great new projects.
  • Expensive (when bought) stuff that you have aplenty but other will probably never be able to get their hands on.
  • An invitation to your space, stickers, flyers etc from local hacker friendly places.
  • Your local foods, or the ingredients and a makefile

Possibly less than ideal stuff to receive

  • Computer parts that most spaces will have aplenty anyway
  • Huge machines (wont anyone think of the shipping costs)
  • Stuff that might break in transit

Want to participate?

We'd love (honestly we do) to ship stuff all over the world, and receive gifts from (new) friends all over the world in return. Outbound shipping costs will be something you'd have to pay yourselves, inbound should be covered, and for once If you ship abroad, make sure to mention its a Gift as it really is!

Pick a number of spaces of the list, at random, or by euclidean distance, we don't care, and ship them a gift box.

Who, what, deadline

Add your space's name, address and deadline to the list below.


  • Postal adress:
  • Wilhelminaplein 12
  • 8911 BS
  • Leeuwarden, nl
  • Will ship giftboxes to all spaces signing up before 18th Dec 2017.


  • Postal adress:
  • Rigtersbleek Zandvoort 10 (TkkrLab) <-- DO NOT FORGET TO PUT TkkrLab ON THE SHIPPING LABEL
  • 7521 BE
  • Enschede, nl
  • Will ship giftboxes to all spaces signing up before 18th Dec 2017. (If possible)




  • contact:
  • Will ship boxes to 6 randomly chosen participating spaces.
  • packages to:

Hal9k c/o Jesper Rosenkilde
Johan Skjoldborgs Vej 27
9200 Aalborg SV

Your space

  • Address, url, name, how many boxes you might want to ship, and where.

Package swapping at CCC congress

Lots of people will visit the 34C3 congress after Christmas. As a way to avoid shipping costs, it could be a good idea to exchange boxes during the congress.

I'll be there at CCC and would like to swap presents:

  • Your name here

After you've received your gifts:

Plant a tree, watch it grow, and put all received boxes underneath it. Gather round hackers! Open the boxes, and describe on video/audio/wiki the contents and who gifted it to you.

List the wikipage / audio / video here for all to see!

Wiki pages

  • List your wiki page here.



List of projects included in the swap.

Project Name Description From Link Picture

Last years

  • 57 North hacklab ➡️ Frack:

  • Hal9k ➡️ Frack:

  • Revspace ➡️ Frack:

  • Hacklabor ➡️ Frack:

  • KellerLab ➡️ Frack:

  • RevSpace ➡️ Bitlair:

  • Hacklabor ➡️ Hal9k:

  • 57North ➡️ Hal9k:

  • Hack42 ➡️ Hal9k:

  • Frack ➡️ Hal9k:

  • Hack42 ➡️ Revspace

  • Shackspace ➡️ Revspace

  • Frack ➡️ KellerLab

  • RaumZeitLabor ➡️ Hacklabor

  • Frack and Bitlair ➡️ Hacklabor

  • Hack42 ➡️ Hacklabor

  • /dev/tal ➡️ Hacklabor

  • 57North Hacklab ➡️ Hacklabor

  • Hal9k ➡️ Hacklabor

  • Hack42 ➡️ RaumZeitLabor

  • HAL9K ➡️ NURDspace

  • Hack42 ➡️ NURDspace

  • Revspace ➡️ NURDspace

  • Frack ➡️ NURDspace

  • Shackspace ➡️ NURDspace