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Onderwerp: Blender
Afbeelding Anoniem.png Thyrif
Thyrif Rol: niet-deelnemer Deskundig met: Blender, POV-Ray Werkt aan: Geen projecten :(
Gebruiker CrazyA.jpg CrazyA
Gebruiker CrazyA.jpgCrazyA Rol: deelnemer Deskundig met: AVR, Arduino, Blender, Elektronica, GL-Inet, LPD8806, POV-Ray, RaspberryPi Werkt aan: Geen projecten :(
Gebruiker Mittebam.jpg Mittebam
Gebruiker Mittebam.jpgMittebam Rol: deelnemer Deskundig met: Blender, Design Werkt aan: Geen projecten :(
Onderdeel van Software

Tweewekelijkse workshops Blender gegeven door Thyrif

A (proposed) recurring event where we get together and hack Blender. Thyrif will be hosting this.

We are now checking for animo/dates. If you're interested, please add your name to the #Participation list, and try to mention the following:

  • Your preference for the teaching style;
  • Your level of Blender and/or general 3d experience;
  • Your expectations of this, if you have any specific ones.

Of course, you're also more than welcome to mention this over IRC or mail :) Also, you should probably want to set up the #Software, to participate in blendering. But we can do that during the workshop too, as it shouldn't take too long.


Get Blender from a software repository near you (on Linux), or download it from


This workshop will be held bi-weekly on Thursdays, alternating with the python workshop. Check the Calendar or #Summary of Workshops for specific dates.


Every workshop will start with a small presentation/demonstration about aspects of creating stuff in Blender, followed by working with these techniques on a project.

I think it would be best if we did one project per 'series' (eg, Basics, Intermediate, Advanced), and then handle every aspect (sometimes two) of creating it in a new workshop. This will give the lessons some structure and give the participants a cool product at the end. (Suggestions for projects are welcome)


Blender Basics Endgoal

The Basics will cover all the aspects needed to model something in Blender and make a quick render, just to get you on your way with working with Blender. This material can be covered in two or three workshops during a small project. Some suggestions will be provided but you can make something of your own if you want.

  • Basic Blender UI (is more important than you think, and new things will be introduced when we handle different subjects)
  • Basic Modelling techniques
  • Basic UV unwrapping
  • Basic Texturing/Materials
  • Basic Rendering (includes basic lighting and background)


The Intermediate series will cover more complex matters of modelling, texturing and rendering. This series will probably take about 6 to 8 workshops or so, depending on speed of progress. The participants will be creating a small project during these workshops (more info soon).

  • Setting up your scene for modelling complex things (think modelsheets and architectural schematics)
  • Curves and splines
  • Intermediate Modelling techniques (and the use of Blenders modifiers)
  • UV unwrapping of complexer models
  • More interesting Materials and Texturing multiple channels (alphamaps, specularmaps, emissionmaps, normalmaps)
  • Basic Animation
  • Intermediate Rendering (Lighting setups and rendering modes)


Still a long time away for most of you. But these will probably take more than one workshop per subject.

  • Multiple advanced modelling techniques that quickly get you what you want
  • Modelling a 3d character (animal, human, robot)
  • Modelling Architecture (you know, buildings and stuff)
  • Skeletal Animation (is very advanced stuff)
  • Complex Materials for high quality Rendering (see other render engines)
  • Rendering with other render engines (new Cycles engine and LuxRender)

Blender Game Engine

Basics, havent done a ton of things with it yet, but it's all done in python! (I see a python/blender workshop-blending coming here!)

Summary of Workshops

BB01: Blender introduction

  • 2011-09-29 @ 20:00 CEST (This event has passed)
  • Explains the basic concepts of modelling in Blender. Including User Interface, basic use of polygons and meshes.
  • Resources: Notes

BB02: Basic Modelling techniques

  • 2011-10-13 @ 20:00 CEST (This event has passed)
  • We dive further into the wonderful world of vertices, edges, and polygons. Might extend this workshop to two workshops if we need more modelling time.
  • Resources: Notes

BB03: Basic Materials and Texturing

  • 2011-10-27 @ 20:00 CEST (This event has passed)
  • We enjoy the gift of giving stuff colors and textures by means of Materials and UV-coördinates.
  • Resources: Notes

BB04: Basic Lighting and Rendering

  • 2011-11-10 @ 20:00 CEST (This event has passed)
  • In this workshop we explore how we can get our creations to look good in a picture.
  • Resources: Notes


All the material (.blend files and presentations) made/presented during the workshops will be available for download (later). Also, working with just a trackpad isn't recommended, please bring a mouse!! (we need the scrollwheel and 3rd mouse button)

Software that will be used is Blender, this can be found on [] or in your trusted repository. We will be using the newest version available on the official website (2.59). If your repository still only has 2.49, please download 2.59!

During Advanced Rendering LuxRender will also be used, Luxrender can be found on []


  • Thyrif, as your host for the evenings.
    • Learning Style: Learning new things by example and then use those techniques to do my own things.
    • Experience: A couple of years modelling and animating on school projects using different software, and modelling and texturing on games at Paradoxys.
    • Expectations: Gain experience in teaching people, and introduce people to the awesomeness that is the world of 3d art/design and Blender.
  • CrazyA
    • Learning Style: Learn by example, backing up the theory with demonstrations and a hands-on experience to put it all into practice
    • Experience: Did some small models with Sketchup
    • Expectations: Being able to actually get Blender to do what I want, not what it wants and become better at modeling.
  • Mittebam
    • Learning Style: Learn by example and trying things myself, with support when I have questions.
    • Experience: None, installed it but never really used it.
    • Expectations: Learning to work with Blender, to get it to do what I want and gain knowledge to be able to create something awesome with it in the future.
  • LAB
    • Learning Style: Learn by example and experimenting
    • Experience: Have worked in Cinema 3D in the past
    • Expectations: Refreshing 3D modeling knowledge & learning Blender
  • Wybren
    • Learning Style: Interactief
    • Experience: jaren terug objecten (onderdelen voor apparaten) gemaakt in Inventor, voor de opleiding werktuigbouwkunde.
    • Expectations: Gewoon wat bekend worden in de wereld van 3d ontwerpen maken :-)


Feel free to leave your comments and thoughts here. Criticism is welcome, as long as it's useful and constructive :-)