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Project: SpaceStats
Status lopend
Afbeelding Anoniem.png Failbaitr
Failbaitr Rol: deelnemer Deskundig met: Arduino, CNC, CNC-Frezen, Canvas, Digitale Fabricatie, ENC28J60, Glasvezel lassen, HTML, Hydroponics, Javascript, LPD8806, Linux, Mercurial, Programmeren, Python, Robotica, Software, Stappenmotor Beginnend met: Elektronica Werkt aan: Geen projecten :(
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Kennisgebied(en) Netwerken
Afgeleide projecten Mac2user, TheHosts
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Spacestats is a project to gather and graph data in and around the space. for this purpose we need sensors, user input and hardware that registers the resulting data.

Network traffic

The switches we use for distributing internet to the patched cables in the space support snmp. We can graph this using mrtg / rrdtool or build something ourselves using python.


We can use mrtg's default graphs, shove everything into cacti, or rrdtool. Or build some graphing tool ourselves during the Canvas workshop.

Other sensors

  • We could graph temperature, humidity inside and outside the space. (CrazyA suggests DS1820 + AVR + USB->RS232 TTL) <- WeatherDuino
  • We could graph the uptime of various other systems in the space, or do a smokeping style network analysis.
  • We could graph the mate intake by binding to the mate selling computer.
  • We could graph the temperature / activity of the fridge. (CrazyA suggests DS1820 + AVR + USB->RS232 TTL) <- WeatherDuino
  • If we can get out hands on some amp meters capable of doing a clamp on style metering, we could graph the space's power usage.

Available Hardware

We have a server, its a dl360, has about 1gb of ram and 2* 9.1gb disks. We have plenty of serial cables, but more are welcome. We host this in the space or in the rack where the switches are.


We have a working sever, it has debian 6.0.2, ssh, lighttpd, mrtg, smokeping. You can see the output at: