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Project: FlatPackers - Build your dream house with two people and a CNC machine
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Kennisgebied(en) CNC, Python
Projectcode flatpackhouse
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ProjectoverzichtProject toevoegen

A project to develop software that will programatically generate plans for a custom designed house, made from wood and cut by a CNC machine.


To allow a small team of people (less than 5) to design and model a custom shaped house on their computer, and build it using a CNC machine and standard sheets of plywood for building material.

Wildest Dreams

Design any organic shape building to be built on any contour of terrain, incorporating design patterns and ideas for

  • better standards of living based on proven design patterns
  • green/eco and low energy houses
  • low cost (sub 30,000 EUR)
    • incorporate layout of bathroom tiles etc in wood using CNC

First Project

One story building as first design

  • use standard off the shelf parts for doors/windows+frames
  • footprint limit width to 2.40m (max width of plywood sheets)

FlatPackers Process

  • Design house
  • Slice house, ready for machine readable design output
  • Cut house from wood using cnc
  • Build House



There are a couple of basic rules that should be adhered to

  • all output from each process should be machine readable
  • at the end of every major stage, you should be able to generate a view of the modelled house


  • web based
  • 3D and 2D element


The slicer will cut at various atomic units. From a house, into its composite floors and walls, all the way down the the panels to produce the boxes that make up the floors/walls.

  • House model -> Floor/Wall
  • Floor -> boxes
  • Wall -> boxes
  • Box -> panels

Cutter Upper


  • Develop the various layers of the Slicer
  • Start with small scale models to test designs
  • Eventually build full size cnc and build structures


Wikihouse - a CC licensed collaborative effort to make CNC'able plans for making houses from sheets of wood.
Grand Designs - CNC made house. First few minutes of this link offers a quick video overview